From an upscale, single family home to a multi-unit apartment building or an office building, we can tailor our services to your needs. Whether it be finding the right tenant or total property management, we strive to find suitable tenants who are not only qualified but who are also suited to your individual property.


•  Showing properties to prospects and renting your property after reviewing all applications, checking credit and possible evictions, employment status, rental history, tenant identification and other information we deem necessary. Tenant selection is by our real estate broker who has over 20 years experience in screening and selecting tenants.


•  New resident contracts are specifically tailored to each city depending on whether it has rent control. Legally required disclosures are provided which include Lead Base Paint Disclosure and Data Base Disclosure as well as House Rules.


•  We supervise the preparation of homes and apartments for rental including maintenance and cleaning as well as any necessary repairs or replacement to flooring or appliances. We ensure that smoke detectors are in place and operational.





•  Property operating bills are paid several times a month to ensure on time payment.


• Property cash flow statements and owner checks are sent out monthly.  Statements can be mailed or e-mailed. For properties with multiple owners, statements can be sent to each owner. 


•  We e-deposit all tenant’s rent checks. We scan rent checks and electronically

deposit them in to our trust account. 


•  We use a state of the art, web-based,  property management software system.

The Rent Manager Online system is always the latest version as they automatically apply all upgrades as they are released. Data is backed up hourly.


•  The Rent Manager Online servers are located out of state in a bomb-proof,  data center with 24 hour onsite security. Their servers are protected by strict firewall rules.


•  Our client's information and data is safe. It is not subject to loss from theft nor from computer malfunction. Nor is it subject to loss from fire or natural catastrophe

such as an earthquake. Even if our computer or office were destroyed, we could

access all client data from another site.


Safe, Secure, State of the Art.

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